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Health & Wellbeing Business Award

Fitness That Suits YOU

Train with a large group of women outdoors, a small group indoors, or a personal session with me

Small class, BIG results!


Lunch hour work-outs are becoming increasingly popular for time-poor women looking to get the most out of their day. Small group training with a group of friends or colleagues, before or after work, is a super smart move!LEARN MOREJOIN NOW
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PT but not as you know it, girl.


Your trainer will trim your body, tone your muscles and help you achieve your best, strongest body, inside and out. We work one-on-one with you to jump-start your motivation, set goals, dream big, kick your metabolism into high gear and banish those negative thoughts for good!LEARN MOREJOIN NOW

Step ‘outside’ your comfort zone!

Brisbane Outdoor Group Classes

Motivating, mood-boosting and loads of fun, My Fit Tribe’s group classes incorporate all of the best elements of training in the great outdoors. Fun in the sun (and shade) with women who get it and get YOU. These classes will give you a taste of everything – strength & flexibility training, boxing, agility, cardio and more.LEARN MOREJOIN NOW
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Fitness Classes at a time that suits you

Train on your own schedule


09:15am - 10:00am


HT Ireland Reserve

11:00am - 11:45am

Small Group Training

VIP Clients


07:30am - 08:15am

Small Group Training

VIP Clients

05:00am - 05:45am

Abs, Butts & Thighs

Warner (Sarbi Park)


05:00am - 06:15am

Small Group Training

VIP Clients

09:15am - 10:00am


HT Ireland Reserve


07:30am - 08:15am

Small Group Training

VIP Clients

09:15am - 10:00am

Stretch, Strength & Soul

HT Ireland Reserve

05:15pm - 06:00pm


Warner HT Ireland Reserve


09:15am - 10:00am


HT Ireland Reserve

In Person Classes Here

Warner, Eatons Hill & Cashmere locations

Sarbi Park

Warner, Australia​

H T Ireland Reserve

Eatons Hill, Queensland, Australia

Why Join Our Tribe

Accountability & Support

It takes a village, right? Online or face-to-sweaty-face, our tribe of fitness warriors will welcome you with open arms and plenty of high fives. Meet like-minded women who get you.

Change in Habits

Workout and nutrition information that fits your life and won’t feel like punishment. Access to our tribe’s online community where recipes, motivation, snack ideas and stories are shared. A lifestyle, not a lobotomy.

Family Friendly

Involve everyone in the family. Free babysitters allows you to incorporate your fitness and family into one. Train with your babies by your side or let the babysitters take care of them so you can focus on your workout.

About Danni

Trainer | Coach | Mentor

Helping women become healthier in mind, body and soul is my superpower!

I’m a qualified personal trainer, health and wellness Educator and a mindset mentor. I take a holistic and intuitive approach to online and in person fitness, mindset and nutrition consulting.
Nothing makes me happier than watching women embrace body positivity, learn to love themselves and become stronger, smarter and more empowered. It’s the best thing EVER and it’s what drives my personal and professional passion.

My main focus is helping my clients build positive, kick-ass, run-the-world attitudes. When women arm themselves with a strong, powerful mindset, then healthy exercise and nutrition choices just come naturally and their confidence and self-esteem soar.
I’m a mother, a mistake maker, a risk taker and because of this, I’m forever learning, changing and evolving. I use all of my experiences, knowledge and skills to support my clients and their goals, with a caring, loving and empathetic approach.

Kickstart Your
Fitness Journey Today, FREE!

This guide has been created as a foundation for anyone starting their fitness journey. I’ll introduce you to some basic, easy to follow steps to get you on your way to changing the way you view food and life and ultimately see results in the mirror, results that last!


Che Buckley

I cannot speak highly enough of Danni at My Fit Tribe! I started my journey with her 8 weeks after having my 2nd bub and i was a little nervous to say the least. More

Jacqui Clarke

I started the 8 week challenge after 12 weeks of personal training with Danni. I loved the one-on-one and wanted to transition to bootcamp but still maintain the regular contact, support and accountability. More

Belinda Futyma

My Fit Tribe changed my life! It’s the most amazing thing you can do for yourself and in turn your family. Danni is such a beautiful person and will help you to smash your goals, whatever they may be. More


Qualified Babysitters

The MFT team are highly qualified and skilled ‘tribal chiefs’, hand selected by Danni herself. From babysitters to admin to personal trainers to boxing and Pilates gurus, you’re in safe hands with us.

Hear What Our Tribe Has To Say