Booty Workout on the GO!

I love this booty workout because it’s quick, fun and can be done anywhere at anytime!

Every bit counts to your health and happiness so set your intention to give your all and be happy with what you achieve because it is YOUR BEST if you have put your all in.

I would love to hear what you think of this awesome booty workout, please leave your comments below.

Repeat 3-5 Rounds

     1.  Walking Lunges x 20
     2.  Pulsing Squat x 40
     3.  Donkey Kick Back x 10 each leg
     4.  Plie Squat x 20
     5.  Single Leg Hip Raise x 20 each leg

Quick side note about pre-workouts

My regular gym supplement regime is a pre-workout, intra-workout and protein shake on water straight after. Recently I started noticing that I feel pretty bad during my workouts, something just didn’t seem right. After some investigation I realised it was my pre-workout, I am not sure why as I have been using it regularly for some time now with no problems. However I did always notice a distinct “chemical” taste to my drink. My body decided it had enough and as soon as I stopped I started feeling normal again.

I decided to drink a x50 green tea as a replacement, I normally drink 1 or 2 throughout the day, mixed into a full protein shaker of water and sipping on it throughout the day. But as a pre-workout I mix it with 250ml of water instead. I’ve found it just as effective at giving me that extra burst of energy but with none of the “hangover”.