BURN OUT! It’s a scary phrase. To burn out and have nothing left. To burn out and not achieve what you want. To burn out and not have the energy to be the mum, partner, friend you desire….BUT it is such a prominent occurrence in busy mums these days. I feel there just isn’t enough education about how it can affect your body, mind and soul long term. And I’m telling you I am definitely a huge part of this epidemic of working women feeling like they have to be “super mums” too!

What does the word BURNT OUT actually mean?

A state in which you are mentally unable to handle any more stress. A state in which your energy and mental resources are depleted.

My whole life I have always tried to be everything to everyone! It’s not a habit I’m proud of and is definitely something that has left me incredibly devastated on many occasions to this very day.
AND then to add to my judgement and pressure I put on myself I wear the label of a “divorced mother of 2 small children”, a “survivor of domestic violence” and am riddled with “mummy guilt” of my children being in a “split family” and having to deal with all the stigma and confusion that comes with that.
Being an amazing mum and building confidence in my children is such an important part of my life. Including my amazing partner, they are my focus and the reason I do everything in life! Recently, I have definitely hit the exact meaning of being burnt out so I have decided to reach out to the mum’s of the world and share with you 3 signs to be aware of that you ARE burnt out as a mum and not just going crazy and then 3 super easy tools to overcome this burn out feeling and be energized again….


     1.  You’re constantly tired

     2.  You are always snapping at the kids and your partner

     3.  You are forgetting everything and letting “things slip”


Try these tools to get your mojo back and stop that mummy guilt for good!

Lower Your Expectations: If you’re anything like me you expect 200 percent of yourself all the time. This is not realistic and is adding huge amounts of stress in your life! It’s time to go easier on yourself. Celebrate your achievements and learn from your mistakes ☺.

Join a Fitness Group: My Fit Tribe is a great group of mums that would love to meet you ☺….there are even online options for you if you’re time poor. You’ll meet amazing like-minded women, release those happiness hormones, and escape from everyone for a small part of your day. What more could you ask for?

Stop Saying Yes: Do you find it difficult to say NO because you don’t want to let people down? This is most definitely my greatest downfall!! When you don’t say no, you end up burning out from committing to too many responsibilities. So let’s attack this one together, start practicing saying NO, the kids and your partner will thank you for it