Health BENEFITS of avocado

This delicious fruit is well known for it’s alarmingly high fat content, but let’s not take away from the fact that this is an incredibly nutrient dense food.

Did you know?

1.    Avocados hold 6-7 grams of fibre – this is high in fibre which means they help your digestive system work at it’s optimum

2.    Avocados are a rich source in carotenoids, an antioxidant that helps fend off eye disease.

3.    Avocados are full of the essential mineral folate. Folate is proven to reduce the risk of depression and aids in cell repair

4.    The fats in avocado is the monounsaturated fat kind which aids in reducing your cholestoral levels. So even though avocados are full of fats….it is the good kind

5.    People who eat avocados were found to be much healthier than people who didn’t in recent studies in the US. They also weighed less, had a lower BMI and significantly less belly fat. They also had more HDL (the “good”) cholesterol.

Without protein your body lacks these enzymes and hormones required for a great metabolism, healthy digestion and many other important processes within your body. Including protein in your meals encourages your body to seek energy from your fat storage centres, while it uses the energy from your food to build muscles.
Some super ideas in adding avocado into your daily diet;
  1. Add it to your salad instead of a salad dressing
  2. Replace butter on your toast/sandwiches with avocado/li>
  3. Add it to your morning smoothie to get a yummy creamy texture

Are you looking for more ideas on how to add this delicious citrus fruit into your cooking?

My Fit Tribe NUTRITION Guide has great recipes incorporating avocado into a healthy diet.