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Mind Body Mentor

Hi! I’m Danni.

I teach women how to love their bodies and empower their lives. I’m a qualified personal trainer, a health and wellness coach and a mindset mentor.

I build bodies for a living, yes, but more importantly, I build positive, kick-ass, run-the-world attitudes.

Because a positive mindset is everything. In fact, it’s a game-changer.

Like a lot of women, my life’s been a bit of a roller-coaster. I’m a survivor of domestic abuse who’s run the gauntlet of divorce and subsequent life re-building with two kids in tow. Peaks and troughs and loop-da-loops? I know them well.

Through the loneliness, fear and self-doubt, I needed so badly to find a tribe of like-minded women to help me regain control of my world and grab life by the balls.

So I built one. And My Fit Tribe was born.

Today, in spite of my challenging past, I have a thriving business that I’m madly, deeply passionate about, stable and happy kids, a tribe of women that I’m so proud to call my clients AND I’ve attracted a supportive, loving partner into my life who has become the jam to my scone. Life is good. And I want that for you, too.

Because whether you’re wading through some pretty murky waters right now, looking for a lifeline, or you’re simply wanting to hit new heights in your fitness, being surrounded by women who have your back is PRICELESS, and hands-down the key to success. I’m living proof of that.

Think of My Fit Tribe as a big, green, tasty smoothie – blending health and fitness + a sense of community + mindset coaching all into one trendy mason jar. (chia seeds optional)

Girls, I’m one of you and I can help you smash your goals using these three magic ingredients.

Shall we do this together? The tribe says YES!

x Danni