The Mummy Tummy

Beating the supposed belly bulge is such a hot topic in the world of mums!

I often get told “I want to lose the baby bulge!”. Myself included, can find it very difficult at times to love on that flappy skin that hangs down while planking.

Of course we can decrease the fat stores in our belly and bring ourselves into the lean women we want to be, but you also should remember you have birthed a child….or 6 if you are anything like Kelly Judd!

Embrace that extra skin because it means you were privileged enough to have carried a child.

So I’m sure you are now wondering HOW can I lean down my mid-section to optimize my health and wellbeing and not to mention be a smoking hot mumma!

Fuel your body with fresh healthy food!

If you want to beat the bulge then it is important to fuel your body with fresh foods. Avoid highly processed foods as much as you can. Just doing this alone will give your body more energy and help you start glowing from the inside.

Keep Hydrated!

Are you letting a few too many “sneaky wines” creep in? It’s so important to keep your body hydrated with at least 2-3L of water a day. When your body is hydrated it will be working at it’s optimal rate and you will be flushing out the bad toxins from your body every day!

Get your metabolism firing!

You want your body to be burning as many calories as possible when you are just sitting down. It is easy to kickstart your metabolism by ensuring you eat breakfast every day.

A great supplement I use to fuel my body and keep my metabolism firing is the delicious x50 green tea. Filled with natural antioxidants and energy boosters to keep you feeling great!