360 Mind Body Reset

This is it! This program is the bees’ knees, girls.

It will teach you simple and effective approaches to loving the right foods and truly respecting your body. This program turns weight loss on its head and focuses on creating new attitudes and relationships with exercise and food. We focus on fueling the body and GAINING life (not just LOSING weight!) It’s a mind shift and a total game-changer…
  1. 360MBR Challenge Shirt
  2. Kickstarter pack filled with nutritional goodies
  3. Daily accountability
  4. Access to your 360MBR web-app
  5. Fitness programs/videos
  6. Weekly visual nutrition diary
  7. Measurement and weekly check ins
  8. Nutrition plan with recipes
  9. Access to private Forum
  10. Start-up guide – filled with recipes, advice on how best to fuel your body and mind, nutrition plan and more.
  11. Weekly motivational emails
  12. Unlimited, invaluable, direct contact with MFT founder and Mind Body Mentor, Danni Price, available 24/7 for questions and ongoing support.
  13. Mind Reset Workshop – Convenient video delivery with downloadable work booklet to complete. Interact with fellow 360 MBR members within the private support group or contact Danni directly if you have any burning questions! This workshop is also available face-to-face for local members.
  14. Nutrition Workshop – Hosted by MFT’s preferred supplement provider in Brisbane. Learn the ins and outs of ‘supps’ and how they can support and enhance your results. If you’re an online member, you will be sent a comprehensive information pack and samples.
  15. Weekly live (online) Events – To teach you how to mindfully fuel your body. Learn how to break those unconscious, destructive habits once and for all! Jam packed with helpful hints and tips about macros, superfoods and all that jazz.
  16. Weekly challenges and prizes to be won!

Quick Look

Get the right foundation for your transformation journey. Having the right approach to both your weight loss as well as your well being is key to success.

Kickstart your Fitness Journey TODAY!

This guide has been created as a foundation for anyone starting their fitness journey. I’ll introduce you to some basic, easy to follow steps to get you on your way to changing the way you view food and life and ultimately see results in the mirror, results that last!