Small class, BIG results!

Lunch hour work-outs are becoming increasingly popular for time-poor women looking to get the most out of their day. Small group training with a group of friends or colleagues, before or after work, is a super smart move!
The women in MFT’s private groups come from all walks of life with varying degrees of fitness and commitment. With small group training, you get a concentrated dose of expert knowledge and support, and the progress that can be achieved is nothing short of phenomenal. If you want to fast-track your fitness and kick some serious goals, small group training is for you!

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Customised Personalised and support in small numbers to fast track your fitness goals

Kickstart your Fitness Journey TODAY!

This guide has been created as a foundation for anyone starting their fitness journey. I’ll introduce you to some basic, easy to follow steps to get you on your way to changing the way you view food and life and ultimately see results in the mirror, results that last!