Through a strong mind you you can reach any goal in life; be that weight loss, strength, relationships, business, or general happiness. Danni Vee leads the way on how to build a loving relationship with your body and what foods you choose to fuel it with. Learn how to effortlessly lose the fat while eating your favourite foods without the guilt


Trim your body, tone your muscles and achieve your best, strongest body, inside and out by following Danni’s simple but affective workouts at home. Our challengers come from all walks of life with varying degrees of fitness and commitment, We have a workout that will work just for you and your body type. Learn how you will fast-track your fitness and kick some serious goals!


Learn how to eat your cake and lost the fat! Imagine being out at your favourite restaurant several nights a week and you choose the mouth watering pasta dish and a piece of garlic bread, you even might indulge in your favourite glass of wine…BUT by the end of the week you can see your arms toning and that fat dropping from your body! It seems like a dream right? It doesn’t have to be. You can have this and more by implementing Danni’s simple nutritional guidelines into your lifestyle

Learn how to effortlessly lose the fat and keep it off for good


Dexa Scan

The most effective way to measure your body fat and lean muscle mass. To be taken at beginning and end of challenge as well as measurements and photos

Weekly Live Feed Q & A

Every week Danni will dig deep into your challenges and discuss finding the discipline for the week ahead. You will never feel alone as Danni will be there holding your hand all the way. Topics include mindset, understanding macros and flexible dieting, tips to get the most out of your training sessions.

Online Nutrition Journal

The very favourite aspect of the 360MBR! A very simple version of a food diary. Every day you will upload photos of your meals/drinks into our Private Forum for Danni to give you advise. A great space to learn new recipes and ideas for your own meal plan.


Mind Reset Workshop

Discover how to set goals that actually matter to YOU! This workshop should NOT be missed! You will walk away from this workshop knowing your WHY and the drive for you to live and vibrant & healthy lifestyle and most importantly learn how you can love your body again by creating a healthier relationship with food and what you see in the mirror. You will leave this workshop feeling like you’re walking on clouds

Body Reset Workshop

Mobility is such an important part on anybody’s fitness journey. Discover the benefits of foam rolling, trigger point balls and stretching out your muscles when you are feeling tired and fatiqued

Nutrition Workshop

Discover the simple tools you need to lose the fat and keep it off for good. Learn how Flexible Dieting can change the way you look at a healthy lifestyle and how easy it can be to have your cake and keep losing the fat too! Danni explains macros and the importance of tracking, planning and discipline in nutrition when you are wanting to fuel your body to work at it’s optimum