Fitness That Suits YOU

Train with a large group of women outdoors, a small group indoors, or a personal session with me


Qualified Babysitters

The MFT team are highly qualified and skilled ‘tribal chiefs’, hand selected by Danni herself. From babysitters to admin to personal trainers to boxing and Pilates gurus, you’re in safe hands with us.


Why Join Our Tribe

Accountability & Support

It takes a village, right? Online or face-to-sweaty-face, our tribe of fitness warriors will welcome you with open arms and plenty of high fives. Meet like-minded women who get you.

Change in Habits

Workout and nutrition information that fits your life and won’t feel like punishment. Access to our tribe’s online community where recipes, motivation, snack ideas and stories are shared. A lifestyle, not a lobotomy.

Family Friendly

Involve everyone in the family. Free babysitters allows you to incorporate your fitness and family into one. Train with your babies by your side or let the babysitters take care of them so you can focus on your workout.

Kickstart Your
Fitness Journey Today, FREE!

This guide has been created as a foundation for anyone starting their fitness journey. I’ll introduce you to some basic, easy to follow steps to get you on your way to changing the way you view food and life and ultimately see results in the mirror, results that last!

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